cup of tea : a task, topic, person, or object well-suited to a person's experience, taste, or liking.
i hate high school swimming.

i hate it. i want to get out of it, but i don’t know how. my coach is forcing me to do it but my parents want me to back down too. the people don’t appeal to me, i got the flu on my third day from swimming way too much. i don’t know. just thinking about going back makes me want to cry i just… ugh.


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He leads me on.

Then tells me he likes someone else. Shit.

i know it’s impossible.

but i think that i might just be falling for him. 

dammit dammit.

so recently my mom has been like complaining about these pains in her arm that never go away and she told me shes had them for months but they just started getting pretty bad recently. and now she thinks that it could be something serious. like cancer. this isnt the first time she’s had cancer but i’m honestly praying to god that it isn’t cancer. 

i swear to god.

whenever they fight i seriously go crazy. and its like so often now and its driving me insane.